We want to see Medical Marijuana in Scio Township. Let's do this!

We are informing the residents of Scio of the need for the Scio Township Board of Trustees to pass an ordinance to OPT-IN for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, so that our township will benefit from the economic windfall from legal medical marijuana.

The new act allows for legal medical marijuana businesses to become licensed according to each individual town's unique rules and zoning. Scio simply has to opt-in for the new law, and write our own parameters for how and where these new business will operate. We need these businesses, and we need them in Scio to collect from the large tax windfall that they will create. Also, creating legitimate, licensed facilities will dismantle the black market production and distribution of marijuana that exists today.

71% of residents in Scio support medical marijuana. We need our Board of Trustees to act on behalf of Scio residents to create these opportunities for our future.